CANA High Voltage is proud of our growing expertise in new energy developments and supported numerous wind power projects across Alberta.

We are Proud to Support and Promote Green Energy

CANA High Voltage has been a proud supporter of green energy since 2000 when we installed a substation at Castle River Wind Farm near Pincher Creek, Alberta. Since then, we have helped engineer, design and construct substations for various wind power projects, including McBride Lake, Magrath, Summerview, Taber and Soderglen.

As a company that is dedicated to innovation and sustainable building practices, CANA High Voltage understands both the need and demand for alternative energy sources, and is excited to be paving the way with wind power developments. Wind power projects are another way that CANA High Voltage demonstrates our willingness to tackle new challenges in order to serve the needs of the client, community and environment at large.

Wind Power Projects