CANA High Voltage has been offering our utility and large industrial clients ongoing maintenance support for all high voltage facilities since the 1980's.

We Offer Ongoing High Voltage Maintenance Services to Ensure System Reliability and Safety

CANA High Voltage offers our clients a variety of maintenance services including analyzing high voltage facilities and suggesting a maintenance portfolio, troubleshooting for high voltage facilities and long term protection of control and equipment maintenance.

We have extensive experience with maintenance; having provided the services on a variety of high voltage facilities for utility and large industrial clients since our inception.

We are experts in the following areas which help to maintain and safeguard the facilities and equipment:

Field Services

  • Transformer maintenance
  • Voltage Regulator Tap Changer maintenance
  • HV Power Factor testing (Doble)
  • Infrared scanning
  • Visual inspection service for client facilities
  • HV Circuit Breaker maintenance
  • HV Disconnect Switch maintenance
  • Transformer oil and oil in gas sampling
  • Protective relay settings and function verification
  • Substation DC system maintenance
  • Battery Bank replacements
  • Substation ground resistance testing and evaluation
  • Substation insulating gravel testing and evaluation
  • Monthly or yearly equipment and facility inspections
  • Metering and power quality analysis
  • Electrical equipment failure investigation

High Voltage Maintenance Services

Equipment Testing and Maintenance

  • Metal clad Breakers
  • Vacuum Breakers
  • Minimum/Bulk Oil Breakers
  • Air Blast Breakers
  • SF6 Breakers
  • Zero Crossing Breakers
  • Motorized/Manual Airbreak Switches
  • Instrument Transformers [CTs/VTs]
  • Misc. High Voltage equipment

Protection and Control System Testing and Maintenance

  • Control schemes
  • Line and motor protection relays
  • Protection schemes
  • Synchronizing and synch-check relays
  • Auto restoration schemes
  • Under frequency relays
  • Differential relays
  • Installing client relay setting changes