CANA High Voltage is a well-recognized, independent contractor offering a wide range of services.

We Provide Full Service Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services in the High Voltage Sector

CANA High Voltage provides services exclusively for high voltage utility systems, high voltage facilities for interconnection of generation sources and high voltage facilities for the Heavy Industrial and the Oil & Gas industries. We specialize in Power System Protection and Control solutions and our staff have decades of experience in the specification, engineering and construction of substation, transmission and distribution facilities.

CANA High Voltage offers a full range of engineering solutions for substation and transmission work. We also perform system studies and routinely provide detailed equipment evaluation studies to determine adequacy and report to clients on any issues found.

We provide full service construction execution for a range of high voltage facilities, as well as having a dedicated in-house panel fabrication shop. CANA High Voltage has a large complement of specialized field-based Power System Electricians, Technologists and Engineers to supervise construction, testing & commissioning and maintenance. As a unique service, we offer site-based training for other contractors, as well as construction coordinators for field supervision. All testing and analyses of systems is completed using state-of-the-art equipment. Routine computer-aided testing is undertaken using Ratiometers, Contact Resistance Testers, Insulation Resistance Testers, Winding Resistance Testers, Breaker Timing Testers, Hi Pot Testers, Infrared Scanners, and Doble M4100 Insulation Analyzer and Omicron Relay Testers.

CANA High Voltage also provides maintenance services and performs required troubleshooting of equipment, cabling, and protection and control devices.

Our goal is to ensure that facilities operate efficiently and as specified. Our planning strategies help us to ensure that we develop the right solutions for each project.

CANA High Voltage Electrical Services