CANA High Voltage is dedicated to offering a full range of services to our clients including operating an in-house panel fabrication and wiring shop.

We have the Advantage of Full Service In-House Panel Fabrication and Wiring

We operate a panel fabrication and wiring service in-house from our Calgary offices that allows us to provide fully wired and tested protection, control, metering panels, cabinets, racks, modules, marshaling racks and junction boxes. This service is advantageous for clients, as we can provide a full service package including design, procurement, fabrication, wiring and testing.

All panel fabrication and wiring can be designed and executed using CSA or UL certification as required by clients.

Control Buildings, E-Houses and Switchgear Buildings

We have the ability to help mitigate tight construction timelines by providing fully pre-wired and pre-commissioned Control Buildings, E-Houses and Switchgear Buildings that meet our client’s requirements. These facilities are designed and built to National and Provincial Building Codes and are inspected to meet CSA or equivalent standards.

Along with the services provided by our Panel Shop, CANA can provide a full service, one-stop shop to meet all of our client’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about more our E-House and panel fabrication services.

E-House & Panel Fabrication